"If you have more than 200 orgasms a year, you can reduce your physiological age by six years" Duke University research study 2011



The Sybian...

Do you want to purchase the Sybian but do not want the headache or importing such an expensive item yourself? Or perhaps you are concerned about the Sybian being ready for use in Australia.

We can help!

Wherever you live in Australia, we can import the Sybian for you and pay all Aus import duties/custom's taxes. You won't pay any more than if you bought it direct from overseas. Your total cost is between $2350 - 2500 inclusive (depending on exchange rate at the time and customs duty).

We welcome you to go to the Sybian.com site and check the price. You'll see it's around $1345 (US) + postage ($240 (US). On top of this you need to pay custom's duty which is now between $220 - $270 PLUS the foreign exchange tax ($70+). We look after all this for you and guarantee you won't pay a cent more than buying from overseas. Plus we ensure the Sybian is ready to play with as soon as you take it out of the box by supplying an Australian 240v power cable. 

Please email us and we'll respond to you with approx cost on the day and delivery time. We'll refund you any overpaid money due to exchange rate fluctuations. The Sybian will be delivered to you in a plain box (approx 20kg). The Sybian has a 5-year guarantee and is virtually impossible to break. It includes:
  • The multi-voltage Sybian + matching stool
  • Small and medium vaginal Inserts
  • Large ReaLike 'Cover'
  • FlatTop (no insertion)
  •  2 Springs & 4 Plastic Stems
  • 5.5 oz Glide ID® Brand Lubricant
  • Warranty and Instruction Manual
Contact us to arrange to have the Sybian ordered for you.
0478 131 769


My partner and I were a little nervous about going to a the Sweet Sybian Party.. and first agreed that if it wasn't 'our thing' that we would take the experience and head elsewhere.. From the moment we walked through the door to the moment we left; we were welcomed into a classy, friendly and sensual environment. Turns out, we were the last to leave! Rob and Fleur are everything you could ask for in perfect hosts - from the food, the drinks, hospitality and most of all - Their warm and friendly personalities. I would recommend this party to anyone who is open-minded and wanting to explore their sexuality in a fun way. And... Yes! The sweet sybian machine is everything you can expect.. and more! The party is not forceful or intimidating in any way and allows people from all sectors of the kinky, sexual world to enjoy a great night.K and J, Newcastle

Have to sincerely thank Rob for creating a remarkably friendly and comfortable atmosphere for my initially reluctant wife. It was the most amazing and adventurous thing we've ever done together, and my wife has never experienced this depth of raw pleasure before. It was wonderful to watch! It was also exciting to listen to my very shy wife talking openly to Rob afterwards about the orgasms she'd just had! Highly recommended!! Bill and Kerry

Wonderful evening with supremely warm and welcoming hosts. The richter scale needs increasing if it is to ever truly measure the intensity of the experience. Stop thinking about it - just go and have fun!! From Richmond Couple

Fantastic night - very different and lots of fun. Fleur and Rob are great hosts. From Karen and Don

This machine actually does what it says it does. Earth shattering! From MM

We had a great night with the best hosts you could hope for, the Sybian was certainly a hit with all the girls and the comfortable friendly atmosphere was good for everyone who wanted to share their experiences. Great way to test the water if you're not ready for a full on swingers party and a refreshing change for the more experienced. I'll be back :-) From Loveto128

Hiring, delivery and repayment of the deposit went really well! The device itself has of course not only met all expectations, but more than exceeded them! - Sally and Steve

Highly recommended. Until next time. From Just Perfect

How do you sum up in one word a host who was respectful, skillful, sensual and accommodating? An environment that was inviting, comfortable, stylish and ultra clean? Coupled with a machine that (through Rob's expert and intuitive instruction) was erotic, sensitive, brutal, and took my goddess to extreme pleasure over and over? One word: magical. From Educateus

Thank you so much for a lovely evening. You guys were such great hosts. Thank you for giving us this opportunity that allowed us such an original experience. And it was lovely to meet all those people and make new friends. We look forward to socialising with your guys again! From Selected Couples

Not your usual party. Very stylish and friendly and the small number is good. My fb came 4 times on the sybian & couldn't stand after. It was only us in the room as she had never ridden before. Perhaps they are too obsessed with safety. We washed all the bits and they came and cleaned it again. We even used a condom on it. Real french champers too! The chat after each couple had a go was so funny. Where else can you have 12 post orgasmic women in the one room comparing notes. Luv it! From No Vanilla Please